What is Fluoride Used For?

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Flouride is a mineral substance found in both the bones and the teeth of every person. It also naturally occurs in soil, plants, rocks, air and water.

This natural substance was found to be useful to teeth and is used in dentistry to strengthen teeth enamel, protecting the teeth from decay and discoloration.

Flouride has been added to public water supplies in the United States since the year 1945. This was done to provide fluoride especially in areas with low fluoride levels. The reasoning behind this has been, to reduce people’s susceptibility to tooth decay. Other countries in the developed world have done the same in the quest to protect their people against tooth decay.

What is fluoride used for?

Fluoridating water

As mentioned earlier, measured amounts of fluoride are added to water in order to protect the tooth enamel. Flouride is useful since it adds an extra layer of protection to the teeth. This reduces the chances of harmful bacteria penetrating into the tooth’s soft parts which could lead to decay or erosion. 

Toothpaste ingredients

That tube of toothpaste that a person may pick up at the store when they run out, contains fluoride, among a list of other ingredients. Toothpaste is necessary for cleaning the teeth after meals since it contains alkaline properties that nullify the mouth’s acidity. It also clears the sugars usually fed on by harmful bacteria while also clearing out the harmful bacteria as well. Adding fluoride as one of the ingredients aids in the effectiveness of the toothpaste.

Mouth rinses

If a person suffers from a lot of cavities, the dentist may just recommend a mouth rinse that contains fluoride. This helps fight harmful bacteria and guards against harmful germs that may cause a tooth abscess or decay. Mouthwashes that contain fluoride work to maintain an entire healthy mouth as opposed to toothpaste that just focuses on the health of the teeth. 

Cleaning agent

When a person goes over to the dentist's office for a cleanup, he or she may use a fluoridated substance to get the job done. Typically during a regular check-up, the dentist will set a fluoride mixture onto the teeth for a few minutes to penetrate any bacteria or plaque. Fluoride may also be found in other cleaning substances such as antiseptics.

Use in pesticides

Many have probably wondered what irrigating drones sprinkle on plants in large-scale farming. They sprinkle pesticides to protect the plants from infections that may ruin the crop. One of the key ingredients in the pesticides is fluoride.

Use in scans

Flouride is important when carrying out medical scans such as pet scans.

Why is fluoride so popular?

Flouride is popular due to the benefits it provides to the teeth which include;

Reversing tooth decay

Flouride is great because it helps reverse the signs of tooth decay when they are at their infancy.

Counter bacterial growth

Flouride counters the growth of harmful bacteria. If harmful bacteria are able to fester in the mouth, it will lead to tooth abscess eventually leading to far more complications such as tooth loss or other infections throughout the body. 

Strengthens weakened teeth

A weak tooth is mainly caused by a mineral deficiency. Flouride helps remineralize the tooth, thus aiding the tooth to regain its strength.

It's important to know what fluoride is used for because almost every dentist office uses fluoride as a way to protect and cleanse the teeth. There are many benefits of using fluoride for dental purposes, so be sure to incorporate it into your daily dental routine.

If you still have questions please let us know! We're happy to help in any way that we can regarding your oral health. Our office staff is trained and waiting to assist you! 

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